The Fear of Freedom

Recently a new video to highlight the injustice the City State has incurred onto the 16 yr old dissident Amos Yee.

That should have been it but being a curious person that I am, I decided to look through the comment section and what I have found are a myriad of comments of citizens expressing their fear of freedom and coming to the defense of the City State in it’s inhumane treatment of a child.

Comments such as these

My replies are as follows.

1) He criticized a religion, it’s wrong to insult a person’s faith
Why? you can make a claim why something is positive or negative but not explaining the claim, makes your claim worthless.

Religions are not immune from insults, scrutiny, criticism, mockery or satire because, stick with me here I know this is a radical idea for you, not everyone believes in religion. And when religious people make a claim about scientific or academic theory being wrong because it doesn’t match up with religious doctrines, then I suppose your position would have to be, “Well religion is right, because we cant insult them, we cant scrutinize their claim or mock them” Well then the earth is in the center of the universe.

Well thank “god” that’s not the case and thank “god” Galileo still kept his scientific papers for the rest of the world to see and thank “god” the church does not have a say in academia because now we know the earth is not the center of the universe

2) Freedom of speech is reserved for important things
If “freedom” is reserved then it’s not free is it?
Like saying, Free seating but only if you reserved or Open to Public but tickets required.
Also important things like what for whom, based on what and whose standards?

3) Conditions of your country are deplorable.
Well I’m from Singapore and I agree, they are deplorable especially with people like you espousing your willingness to give up your freedom to think for yourself but on a serious note, whose country are you talking about?
Oh nevermind, it just hit me, you’re one of those people who thinks Singapore is world class compared to other countries because those countries have a littering problem I assure you, as someone whose been around, Other countries are much cleaner than our less touristy spots.

4) You protested in your countries, did huge changes come about? Not really does it?
I can name you one protest that had recently brought about new legislation, Ireland – Legalizing same sex marriage. So protests don’t dont work huh? If you wish to suffer in silence,  do so at your own whim but don’t tell me I have to join you.

5) These laws are necessary
Which laws? The ones that tell you how to think?
Maybe for you.

6) Singapore you know that religious and racial harmony is important, peace is maintained.
 I’ve long been under the impression that the peace in this country is maintained through ignorance and fear, and your entire post is a good summary of my suspicion.

7) Country with various Religions and Races
Why do Singaporeans keep thinking we’re the only country that is a metropolis of race and religion?


Harmful, Insulting subjective weasel words.
If someone insulted my mother or father, I would take offense.
Then I would calm down and realize that taking offense is a waste of time and stop being offended nothing happens when people are offended.

Yes there are limits to everything, limits that you set for yourself.
So stop trying to impose your limits onto other people.

religious freedom

Tell that to the Jehovah’s Witnesses who are persecuted here and have their literature and books outlawed.


You heard the man, Singapore, meddling with other countries.
Don’t even bother reporting or commenting on outside world.
Isolationism Now!
I’m just being sarcastic, please don’t take me out of context.


Actually it does, what you’re trying to get at is the “Right to not get offended”.
The thing is, that’s impossible because offense is taken, not given.
So if you find yourself offended, then its your own prerogative to stop taking offense.
Secondly, no one has to respect anything or anyone they don’t want to, this includes your “founding father” and religion.

freedom of expression

There’s no absolute right?
So you think human rights for us to bargain for?
How very Singaporean
“Uncle this one freedom of speech how much, ah? wah so expensive leh, I take half can discount or not?” 

Human rights is not something that is to be “moderated” or compromised.
When you do that, you are denying individual autonomy, this means the standards that you’ve moderated your rights may be fitting to you but they certainly do not fit other people.

I’m glad you’re happy but just for a moment, try not to be solipsistic?


A victim of propaganda, believing what the media says about Amos defaming his bailor.
If you don’t follow this saga, I wouldn’t blame you either for believing the misinformation but allow me to offer you the source, Amos’ own wordpress blog.

A short summary, Amos is called out his bailor for his actions towards him, emotionally black mailing him (Amos) if he didn’t comply with Vincent’s demands, by threatening to recuse himself as Amos’ bailor, evidence of the harassment here.

The rest of her message, yes indeed freedom of speech is the cause of hate crimes, sorry my sarcasm gets the best of me at times.

Again another Singaporean who does not understand the difference between Hate Speech and Free Speech.

Hate Speech is a speech that is a call to violence or a physical threat on a person or people or group of peoples.

Speech like this, by Jason Tan.

An actual physical threat to maim the child, by the way, he got off with a stern warning.

Singapore is not the West
Sounds like an argument for “Asian values vs Western Democracy” fallacy.

And what I understand of Asian values is that it means we’re tolerant of child abuse.
Neo Gim Huah the man who slapped Amos sentenced to 21 days in jail.
Jason Tan (above) a stern warning
Amos Yee, for speaking his mind, 40 days in remand and still counting.
If this is Asian values, I want no part of it.

If a nation’s people is so insecure about their race and religion that a single off colour remark about either is the spark to unleash racial and religious turmoil, then that’s not peace or stability, it’s a house of cards waiting to crumble under the weight of it’s own ignorance and how can we learn about race relations when there’s laws actively prohibiting such discussions for fear of offending or wounding feelings?
That we think stereotyping and racial profiling is acceptable, like the comment below.

Penal Code section 298 and 292
Laws based on feelings have no basis in legislation.

Feelings are subjective and laws are supposed to be objective.

racial profiling

A spectacular example of what I mean when I say our “racial and religious harmony” is nothing more than a facade, I was racially profiled by my name.
This was my reply:


Can we please stop with the racial profiling, it’s annoying.
Just a piece of advice, if you meet someone who has a “muslim sounding” name, don’t just assume they’re muslim, if it really matters to you what faith they’re of, like when it comes to knowing what food you need to cater for them or you’re just plain curious, ask them.

Because I get offended when you serve real bacon to your non muslim guests and give me not bacon because you think I’m muslim, depriving someone of bacon is torture!

But seriously, I don’t go around assuming everyone who is Indian is Hindu, do you? 

We, as a country, have bred a culture within 50 years of autocracy of people who are actually petrified of basic human freedoms.
We think that freedom of speech needs to be moderated.
We don’t know the difference between hate speech and free speech
We think that religions need to be held above human rights
And the biggest joke of all
We think the government is secular.

I call it, Singapore Syndrome, it’s Stockholm Syndrome on a national scale.

A message to my Singaporean readers, stop being afraid of freedom and your human and civil rights, it is not the place for governments to restrict them but their duty to protect and uphold your rights and freedoms from those who wish to revoke them from you.


“Birds born in a cage think flying is an illness” – Alejandro Jodorowsky


Singaporeans need to stop dropping the ball

I must confess, I wasn’t in Singapore during the Anton Casey saga.
Where he posted disparaging remarks about Singaporeans and the public transport system.

My reaction to that is, now that I’ve heard about it, well it’s true.
anton casey

I’m not some rich fancy son of an MP who can afford to pay the outrages COE prices that comes with owning a car or a motorcycle. I’m dirt poor I take public transportation
But for many other dirt poor Singaporeans, driving is a necessity and they have no choice but to pay for the COE.

What Anton Casey pointed out is, we the poor people are relegated to using overly crowded, consistently malfunctioning and often delayed hunk of junks we call public transport. Like well trained attack dogs, we went after him for posting disparaging remarks about our culture.

Well if this is our culture, where the rich elites bask in decadent luxury at the cost of the poor who keep toiling away to contribute to the prosperity of this Nation, I don’t want to be apart of this.

Do I think Anton Casey should have been let off ?
He was a guest in our country and he clearly stepped out of line disrespecting the citizenry of this country but he shouldn’t have to face legal repercussions or physical threats for saying something offensive no matter how much it hurts your feelings,, you need to get off his case, the only reason why he said something that insensitive is because it’s the harsh reality, I know you don’t want to think Singapore is bad and you have a lot of national pride but ask yourself was what he said a fabrication?

Why do we have to pay outlandish prices for Certificates of Entitlement?
That’s right this country treats driving as an entitlement, not surprised as how it thinks human rights are a privilege only afforded to the ruling elite.
Even if you’re not a car owner, every taxi you take you still have to pay for the ERP every time it passes through a gantry, which are popping up everywhere.

And I’ve had people saying absurd things like Singapore has the cheapest transport fairs.
I actually lived in a town in Europe where buses ran for free, on time and not overly crowded.

So yes, lambaste Anton Casey for his insensitive remarks but don’t forget who allowed such an unjust hierarchy to exist in the first place.


And then we have this news article, how patronizing is this that some people treat taking public transport is an “experience” to be had when for most of us, it’s all that we know, propaganda pieces like these are why I’ve given up on mainstream media.

Next I want to express my disappointment in Gilbert Goh and his anti Filipino stance.


I’m considered an Ethnic Malay, if anything I have more right to this country than any non ethnic malay, how would you feel if I said

Dear Chinese People,
If you insist on celebrating your Chinese New Year
In my country, we will take this as an act of WAR and
Defend ourselves with our lives as this OUR country, OUR land!
Be warned

Yeah you’d think it was stupid, you’d be right and I would be the first to join you in laughing at any ethnic malay person who holds this idea about non malays, we’re Singaporeans some of us have had ancestry that have been here for eons, others are fresh off the boat.

I’m not going to argue your points past number 4 because you’re spot on but what you’re advocating from points 1 to 3 is what the government is advocating regarding thaipusam, we can agree that the government has gone too far in trying to implement population white paper but to those foreigners who are already here, they’re no different than our ancestors who came here looking for a better life.

No matter how bad this country is to us, for some foreigners despite the authoritarian regime, it’s still miles better than their Country and it’s up to us to help them integrate into our society, so they may understand our plight and join us in achieving a democratic society, not add them to list of enemies just because they’re fresh off the boat.

So what they want to celebrate their national day, can they afford the rent of public property?
If so, let them be, public celebrations are for the public it should be an inclusive celebration where everyone is welcome to share the Filipino culture.

We already celebrate Oktoberfest here despite how few German expats there are in this country and it’s not just for Germans.

We need to build social cohesion in this country where people are loyal to each other and keep the government in check, not build social divides as I mentioned in my previous article about the pledge.

And for the foreigners who are now residing here, please do not use the fallacy of relative privation, we know you came here to seek a better life but we, The Citizens of Singapore, we’ve been here our whole lives and we have more experience than you when it comes to the health of our society. So when we say we’re tired of the government treating us like chattel, don’t tell us we’re being ungrateful plebes because where you’re from it’s worse, we’re doing this for you as well, oh yes you’re being abused too with your cheap labour, to make life far better for everyone, not just the insanely rich.
So don’t hold us back and we’ll have your back.


“In today’s world, learning has become the key to economic prosperity, social cohesion and personal fulfillment. We can no longer afford to educate the few to think, and the many to do.” – David Blunkett

Why I refuse to recite the Singapore Pledge

No pledge

Since I was 15 I’ve refused to sing the national anthem and to recite the pledge.
I know it seems like typical teen rebellion but I’ve uphold this practice for over a decade.
Don’t get me wrong, I know the words to our pledge and I can recite them but I don’t mean a word of it if I said it.

So lets analyze the pledge and why I refuse to recite it.

We the citizens of Singapore
Pledge ourselves to be one United people
Regardless of race, language or religion

Do we really pledge ourselves to be one united people?
Especially the regardless of race part.
How archaic is it that we’re so concerned about race, that it’s in our identity card.

Take my ethnic heritage for example, my mother was born to a Malay woman and a Javanese man.
My father was born to a Chinese mother who was adopted by a Malay family after the war raised Malay and a Malay father.
So being half Malay, my identity card says my race is Malay.

Here’s the problem, I don’t feel Malay and people mistake me for being Chinese often
Sure I speak the language, I don’t follow the traditions and culturally I don’t see myself as Malay.
On top of that, unlike most Malays, I’m an atheist to boot.
I don’t feel a sense of kinship with someone just because they’re Malay, Chinese or Javanese.
My kinship towards people comes when we share similar principles and views about the world, not superficial things like “race”.

If I was to describe what I am, I’d just say I’m Singaporean, my Nationality and that is changeable.

And there are more and more children in this day and age who are products of interracial parents.

And Lee Kuan Yew himself is not fond of high ranking Malay Officers in the Armed Forces.

Not much to say on the language part.
I mean it’s annoying when people who are born here are mono linguists, I won’t name which Channel 8 Mediacorp artists, so there we go even on the language part we have mono linguists.

Religion, well all I can say is, when the founding father, Lee Kuan Yew says disparaging remarks about Muslims and Jason Neo gets to skirt around the law for being derogatory towards a school bus full of muslim kindergarteners and skirt around the law for 4 years, while a sixteen year old boy is being trialed as an adult for making mention of Jesus once and Christians twice in an 8 minute long video about Lee Kuan Yew, I’m just saying, something smells fishy.

As an atheist, I find blasphemy laws for non believers, also known as “Sensitivity laws” to be ludicrous.
I understand why blasphemy laws apply for believers because to question is to doubt and to doubt defeats the purpose of faith but me as an atheist, if a religious person tries to ingrain their religious doctrines into my head, am I then not allow to refute  their indoctrination for fear of “wounding their religious feelings”, What about my feelings?

You’re right to say my feelings don’t matter and neither do the feelings of the religious, being able to have a debate, no my Singaporean friends a debate doesn’t need to happen in some auditorium with tons of viewers debates can be impromptu on the spot and informal too, and challenge religious ideology or any ideology for that matter broadens one’s mind and offers a new perspective. It’s part of being able to think for yourself when you’re allowed to have your beliefs challenged.

Oh did I mention Jehovah’s Witness is criminalized here?

Now the first half is done, lets move on to the last part.

To build a democratic society
Based on justice and equality
So as to achieve happiness, prosperity and progress
For our Nation

Are we really a democratic society, though?
We’re nearing our 50th anniversary of independence and Parliament is still mostly a Single Party Government focused on themselves and how to stay in power with their propaganda tools, the MDA and SPH.

Feels more like a fascist autocracy than a democratic society.

Refer to my paragraphs on religion about justice.
Operation Coldstore was a huge injustice.
Equality, well as the saying goes “All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” – Animal Farm by George Orwell.

Happiness, we’re one of the most depressed countries in the world, not surprising considering the long work hours, the mind numbing conformity, the stress of being an over achiever for examinations, the desire for material wealth.

Prosperity, well I guess this part is right but we’re not able to get at any of the wealth, that’s the government’s money, not ours, Young Lee makes almost 2.2Million a year on our prosperous nation while elderly people unable to retire do back breaking work .

Progress, a joke right?
Male homosexuality is criminalized and we openly discriminate against them, especially in the Army during National Service.

A lot of our TV programmes take us back to the good old times of the 1960s, there was Growing up (to be fair they go through the decades but for the longest seasons they were 60s), then that one other show with the 3 adolescent kids, I’m sure I’ve seen a couple from Channel 8 too, alright look, I don’t watch TV anymore but when I did, I recall a few prominent shows about the 60s.
And even on youtube, I get bombared with commercials on SG50 about how good times were back in the 60s.
Singapore, for goodness sakes, it’s 2015, can you please stop obsessing with the 60s and trying to go back to the “kampong spirit”, just allow the people to have their own culture, goodness.

Capital Punishment, state mandated executions are still murder.
The human right to life is an inalienable right to all humans, it cannot be given nor can it be taken away. Capital punishment is torture, knowing when you’re going to die and waiting for that day being brainwashed to accept that fate for everyday until you’re lead to the gallows.
Capital punishment punishes those without the capital for good representation.

Corporal Punishment, imprisonment is punishment enough, in many parts of the world.
But here, convicts may have to deal with having their human dignity abused by being caned.

These are not hallmarks of progress.

And that is why I refuse to recite the pledge, it is so far detached from reality that I would have to lie to myself to believe in it.


Men should pledge themselves to nothing; for reflection makes a liar of their resolution” – Sophocles

Amos Yee: Not just a Rebellious Teen


Reading an article on interviewing his bailor Mr. Vincent Law has really given me an insight on who Amos Yee is as a person.

When Amos was taken back into remand, I had assumed 2 things.
Either Vincent Law does not have the $30,000 to front or Vincent Law offered to the front the $30,000 and Amos Yee declined his proposal.
Needless to say, I was glad it was the later.

A lot of people are under the impression that Amos Yee just a young angry teen full of angst, rebellion and lacking in empathy.
If he truly was lacking in empathy, He would have taken the offer by Mr. Law and squandered it by breaking the terms of the bail a second time, yet he chose not to.

He understands the injustice of Act 377A in Singapore that criminalizes male homosexuality and empathizes with their fight to get this law repealed, it serves no purpose in a civilized society and no amount of slippery slope fallacies used by the ruling governing body can ever justify this blatant discrimination.

His less than subtle, humourous and sarcastic commentary on the Little India Riot showing maturity and understanding of situations while being balanced and constructive, is a sign of a green and thriving mind that is well beyond its years.

The only fault of his youth is that it’s not given him the tactical understanding of how work around the system but again, even if he did work around the system, I wouldn’t doubt the system would find a way to incriminate him as it has shown itself to with other critics.

In the shared conversation with Mr Law, where he confronted Amos about his religious beliefs, Amos yet again shows a wisdom that is well beyond his age, Yes we can take issues with religious doctrines, we can criticize them and we can disagree with them but that doesn’t mean we have an issue with the religious just because we’re atheists.

Amos Yee has truly shown true strength in his character.
His unrelenting desire to not conform or compromise.
His maturity in responding to “Cookie Tan” the man who openly made his desire to maim the genitals of a teenage boy then stuffing said member into the child’s mouth.
Choosing to remain in remand over risking someone else’s money.
His ability to articulate his thoughts into material.
These aren’t just actions of a rebellious teen, these are actions of someone who sees injustice and will not stand for it.
Admirable traits in someone so young.

Since day one of this saga, it has been refreshing to see how one Singaporean teenager has been so brazen and defiant in standing up for his freedom of speech, I only wish more of us have the tenacity of Amos Yee.

And I hope at the end of this saga Amos comes out unbowed unbent and unbroken.


If someone tells me that I’ve hurt their feelings I’m still waiting to hear what your point is” – Christopher Hitchens.

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The Humble Banana

For certain Christians, it is a nightmare for Atheists like myself.
Except that it’s not, as the evolution of the banana from barely nutritious seed filled berry to what we know as a banana today is easily explained through artificial selection.

For ignorant people
It is a derogatory term used to describe an oriental person who tries to act white.
Yellow on the outside, white on the inside.

But for an amazing group of people.
The banana is a symbol of support and solidarity for a prisoner of conscience.

Every time you see a banana, whether it’s bright yellow or green, remember your human rights and your civil liberties, those that have been revoked and restricted from you.

Just as Hong Kong has it’s Yellow Umbrella.
We too have our yellow Banana.


We’re often stuck with the names our enemies give to us,” – The High Sparrow from Game of Thrones (The Books)

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The Double Standards between Jason Neo and Amos Yee

Four years ago, a Young PAP member, no longer YPAP now, named Jason Neo took a picture of a school bus filled with muslim kindergartners with the caption “Bus filled with young terrorist trainees

The only picture of this I could find has the caption censored and this also why I’m anti censorship because it disrupts the flow of information.

I’ve been following the Amos Yee case as much as I can and many Singaporeans, including myself, are outraged at how the government went about handling this issue, arresting a teenager and trying him as an adult for “intentions to wound the feelings of the religious” amongst two other charges.

In most discussions involving Amos Yee, the name Jason Neo is mentioned and the incident that happened with him, people are urging the authorities to apprehend him and bring him to court, while the authorities keep saying “we’re still investigating the case”.

Yes, I agree it’s hypocritical that a young teenage boy, practically a nobody, gets arrested within 3 days of posting his materials and a prominent young PAP member gets to skirt around the justice system after 4 years, with authorities saying they’re still investigating the Jason Neo matter. No question it is despicable, deplorable and disgusting how hypocritical the system is.

Here’s the thing, Jason Neo and Amos Yee did nothing wrong in their criticism of religion and the religious.
They have every right to do so, secured by freedom of speech and freedom from religion.
Albeit what Jason Neo did was out of ignorance and stupidity, stereotyping an entire religious group and comparing them to a terrorist group but last I checked, being stupid isn’t a criminal offense. Amos Yee made a comparison between a religious figure and a religious organization towards LKY and pointed out some uncomfortable truths.

Muslims should indeed condemn the words of Jason Neo but at the same time practice restraint and not call onto violence towards the man for being incredibly stupid and they have to which I commend, especially at the time where the subject of Islam is volatile, internationally.

The actions of people who oppose Amos Yee’s opinion however, have not shown such grace, citing calls of violence and making physical threats against a teenager, physically assaulting him and the local media’s attempt to smear Amos’ character by calling him mentally unsound.

There are double standards between Jason and Amos’ incidents on all sides.
There are those who pretend Jason was just joking whereas Amos was trying to start trouble.
There are those who think that Amos should be freed while Jason should be brought to task.

I stand on the side of Free Speech, while I support Amos’ right to speech, silencing Jason’s would make me a hypocrite. I do not have to support or like what Jason said to allow him to speak, it is his inalienable freedom as a human being and my moral obligation to call him an ignoramus for saying such a moronic statement, even if he thinks it’s a joke, it’s not a funny one.

These are 2 similar incidents, despite the different circumstances, about Freedom of Speech and Freedom from Religion.
The authorities need to come clean about their complacency towards Jason Neo’s case and drop all charges against Amos Yee.

Freedom of Speech is for everyone, not just those you agree with.


To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” – Voltaire

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Recent debunkle over Straits Times highlights the Importance of Free Press

Imagine a world without the internet, imagine a world where the media is controlled by the iron fist of the government. Not too long ago, as late as the late 90s and early 2000s this was a reality.

Before the internet became a household application, all Singaporeans had to rely on was the word of the government owned press and controlled media. So when the Straits Time reported that Amos Yee’s mother had reported Amos to the Police because she said he was an uncontrollable child by the Straits Time via an unnamed reliable source (let’s be a honest, an anonymous tip and probably an attempt to defame him so the issues he brought up would be looked over) many Singaporeans would have bought it hook, line and sinker but I was skeptical, since when were anonymous tips considered reliable sources?

The fact that the free agents, the internet sleuths, of “The Online Citizen” had a more journalistic approach when it came to covering the evidence of what Mrs Mary Yee said, you know, interviewing her instead of an unnamed source, just shows the lack of professionalism and integrity with the companies within the SPH.

Which brings me to my next point, many Singaporeans are under the impression that Singapore has freedom of press what with it’s many newspaper companies and magazines, I’m sorry to break this to you, friends, that is just an illusion.


All these companies belong to the same corporation.
It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that all of them answer to one boss.

Where North Korea succeeds in being an independent authoritarian country that shuts out any outside information from it’s citizens, Singapore fails drastically in this aspect because we seek out foreign talents, not just lower class foreign talents to clean the streets and roads but foreign talents from countries where human freedoms exist, so we need to keep the gates of information slightly ajar to keep dissent low, media is still tightly controlled just not as drastically as it is in North Korea.

However, printed media still holds most of the power as it is the most easily accessible form of media to the layman, therein lies the problem. When the only media allowed is government controlled, it’s not a stretch to say that it will be used for government propaganda, for an effective means of erasing blemishes in history and to tarnish the opposing dissenters, Mr Lee even admits that much.

Freedom of the press, freedom of the news media, must be subordinated to the overriding needs of the integrity of Singapore, and to the primacy of purpose of an elected government”, Address To The General Assembly Of The International Press Institute At Helsinki, 9th June, 1971 – Lee Kuan Yew

And it is very effective, so effective that many people on the street still believe the lies about Dr. Chee Soon Juan being a rabble rouser and a troublemaker still persist, character assassination at its best.

When a simple internet search on Dr. Chee  will show contradictions to what has been said about him by local media.

This is the issue that every opposition party in Singapore has to face, I’m not sure if it’s uniquely Singaporean that state own media is legally allowed to print libel, promote slander and character assassinations on opposition members but this is a practice that needs to be challenged by promoting freedom of press to allow citizens to have more than just one perspective and make up their own minds.

As big and wide as the internet is, most of us don’t have the time in our hectic schedules to look up current affairs affecting Singapore or Singaporean politics on the internet most of us use the internet to look up cat videos, I know I’m guilty of that. This is why freedom of press is paramount, it allows us to get a multifaceted view on issues and allows us to make up our own minds, a practice many of us take for granted.

I’ve already made up my mind about Straits Times and the recent coverage on Amos Yee is more evidence for me to not take them at face value.


“When the public’s right to know is threatened, and when the rights of free speech and free press are at risk, all of the other liberties we hold dear are endangered.” – Christopher Dodd