The Taboo of Apostasy (from Islam)

I’ve had a few people asking me why it’s such a big deal for ex-muslims to come out.

It really shouldn’t be a big deal for a person to lose their faith or convert to another religion.

But within Muslim Communities, It’s still a very big taboo.

Niloy Neel was murdered by Islamists, people who believe in the divinity of Shariah, wherein apostasy is an act of treason and should be punished by death.

Our condolences go out to his family members and loved ones.

I’m lucky, I guess, I live in a country where Islamism is kept at bay, despite being surrounded by heavily Muslim neighbours, it’s really not that bad here but even so.

In a country like Singapore, many of my colleagues express their fear of coming out due to their parent’s disappointment, being outcast by family members and just being a societal pariah within the Malay and other Muslim majority ethnic communities and this emotional burden eats up at our relationships.

And all of this stems from the inability within the Muslim community to discus Islam, be it protected by shariah law or making it an offense to criticize religion for fear of “wounding religious feelings”.

In the west you have Authoritarian Leftist, Regressive Illiberals (who fancy themselves as liberals, the irony) who condemn any and all criticism of Islam and certain Muslims and their community as Islamophobia.

To these people, I would like to say, your shielding the majority of Muslims, the non Islamists ones, from a badly needed discussion to address how their religion is being hijacked, is putting our lives at risk, the Muslims who want to address the problem of Islamism and the apostates who want to leave Islam altogether, we’re not sorry we don’t play the victim card, it is due to our position where we find ourselves at that gives us the ability to understand how freedom of speech is crucial for progression and all you’re doing is keeping us back and keeping the majority of Muslims in complacency, while allowing Islamists to terrorize us.

And in the East you have Islamists exacting holy law on non believers and if that’s not happening, the very act of apostasy is taboo.

To any Muslims, reading this.
It’s time for a discussion about Islam between yourselves.
If you support secularism and human rights, we support you too.

But as Ex-Muslims, our priority is not the reformation of Islam, it is to provide support for people who have left Islam, as it’s an emotionally taxing thing to do. As we have left Islam, it is not our place to reform it.

All we can do as ex-Muslims is engage the Authoritarian Left, who are silencing people like us, the reformists and the apostates, the minorities within the minority.
The reformation of Islam and it’s renaissance is ultimately up to you, Muslims readers.



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