Singapore for Singaporeans (The Great Divide)


That slogan Singapore for Singaporeans kinda scares me.
Like Germany for Germans back in 1940s.

Nationalism is a dangerous ideology and it’s been ingrained into the minds of our youth since kindergarten, Singing the National Anthem, Reciting the National Pledge, Preparing boys for life in the Army.

I’ve expressed this many times that Singaporeans do not have actual racial harmony as we are not allowed to speak about hard topics (example: Apostasy within the Malay Muslim community) so we pretend that racial profiling is harmonious because we can co-exist with Indians who are Hindus, Malays who are Muslims, Caucasians who are Foreigners and Chinese people of different dialects, each dialect denotes a certain stereotype, no doubt, because ts easier to pretend we know everything about our neighbours than to actually get to know them.

We also brag about multiculturalism further testament to our tribalistic mentality, instead of working together on a unified culture, which we had in the early 80s believe it or not Singlish actually played a big role in this, so instead we destroyed it and divided the people up even more with an ever widening class divide by thinking that people who speak Singlish were unsophisticated and that proper English is posh.
Even I’m guilty of propagating that social conditioning when I was younger.

The rich come here as their play ground, make fun of the poor citizens who are forced to take public transport who cannot afford to buy a piece of paper that privileges them into owning a car.
They, the rich locals, pretend the old people collect cardboard boxes and sell tissue paper for fun and exercise.

All of this conditioning, the racial divide, the class divide and Nationalism, are you really surprised that this overt tribalism exists?
We defended a young boy who was prosecuted by the state for expressing his free speech, because hes one of us.
But when a Filipino practices their free speech, even at our expense, it’s business as usual because hes an other?
How can we say we defend human rights when we don’t even offer them for those we don’t like?

I oppose Population White Paper, not because I’m anti foreigner but because I’m aware that this country’s infrastructure is not capable of handling our population as it stands now, with the MRT’s total breakdown, the overcrowding, the slow bus services, the crowded roads, and we want to increase the population to 6.9million?
Make the expressways wider, increase parking space, reduce MRT and Bus Fairs and make them more frequent, instead of putting up useless taxes and selling pieces of paper at a ridiculous price that don’t seem to be going into road upgrades.

And instead of focusing on foreigners creating jobs for Singaporeans, which they do by the way because rental in Central Business District area is expensive along with the property prices, so rich investors who can afford the prices due to their strong currency can afford these. Why doesn’t this country focus on helping local entrepreneurs and business start ups, so LOCALS can create jobs for everyone.

And it’s slogans like “Singapore for Singaporeans” is why I don’t want to support these protests.


“Tribalism never prospers, for when it does, everyone will respect it as true nationalism, and no-one will dare call it tribalism.” – Ernest Gellner


2 thoughts on “Singapore for Singaporeans (The Great Divide)

  1. I agree with you about racial harmony – a lot to be done.

    I’m having trouble agreeing with you wrt cars – I think the idea of owning a car is outmoded, especially in a city like SG, and I think its right that cars should be more expensive – less people driving is great.

    My main issue that I really can’t keep silent on though is the idea that “this country [doesn’t] focus on helping local entrepreneurs and business start ups”. We do. We do a lot. There’s a whole slew of government funding for local entrepreneurs. A lot of the requirements are that your company needs to be owned (>50% shares) by a local.
    Check out this list of grants.
    Also SPRING singapore does a bunch of stuff for companies – I’m thinking ICV, CDG: basically the gvt pays you money to pay vendors for things that help your biz – if your coy is at least 30% locally owned.

    Our government bases it’s legitimacy on performance, and performance is one thing they are extremely focused on delivering. They recognise the model of attracting MNCs based on our strategic location, low cost, high quality etc has been milked for all its worth and that we need local entrepreneurs, local capitalists to fund our next stage of growth. The opportunities for any local entrepreneurs right now are ridiculous – if you have what it takes.

    Thanks for your thoughts – keep writing and keep thinking! Peace.


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