Democracy without Liberalism leads to Autocracy

The one flaw in democracy is that at it’s very core, it’s about the interest of the majority.
With that said, what happens if the majority are just as bad as a single fascist dictator?

Look at Egypt for example, they overthrew a dictator, had their first openly democratic election and what did they do? They voted in the muslim brotherhood into power and the first thing the muslim brotherhood did was restrict human rights for Christians and women.

We have to remember, that democracy is only tool, like any tool it can be used for evil.
Liberalism needs to be the guiding principle behind democracy where basic human freedoms and rights will be secured by the majority ensuring that minority voices are represented in parliament or as demonstrated in history, it will devolve into an autocracy where an elite few masquerade autocracy as a democracy.

Democracy ensures that people can keep the government in check but when people become afraid and apathetic to politics, they’re not only throwing away their lives, they’re possibly throwing yours away, especially when voting is mandatory.

Think of the stupidest person you know, do you think someone like that can be trusted to make a decision so big? This is why autocracies love mandatory voting the illusion of power because they know the ignorant masses will silence the critical few and drill it into our heads that voting is the most powerful thing we can do, it is our moral responsibility to voice ourselves in government.

And they’re right, voting is the most important tool for a citizen to express dissent towards a ruling party but when a majority are too ignorant, fearful and politically apathetic to civil liberties that have been restricted by an autocratic government that they continue to keep a corrupted government, the cycle takes forever to break.

Voting is a huge responsibility and people need to learn to vote responsibility, to understand why they’re voting and if they don’t understand do not want the responsibility, that is their freedom to choose but when they complain that life is shittier because they didn’t vote feel free to rip into them for not educating themselves when it mattered.
Remember this the next time you vote.


“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except all those others that have been tried” – Winston Churchill

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