Freedom and Security are not Synonyms

I came across an article on “The Independent” today written by  Mr. Calvin Cheng where he defends LKY from western critics that’s not my issue.

My real issue with Mr. Calvin’s article is the part where he confuses Freedom for Security.
And I shall address these.

Freedom is being able to walk on the streets unmolested in the wee hours in the morning
Because as we all know, rape never happens in Singapore?
And that the rest of the world is very rapey in contrast?

To be able to leave one’s door open and not fear that one would be burgled
If you’re a Singaporean reader and you do this, please leave me a comment.
But no seriously, don’t.
Please remember to lock your doors and windows when you leave your house.
A message from the Singapore Police Force: “Low Crime Doesn’t Mean No Crime”

Freedom is the woman who can ride buses and trains alone
Sir, I get that you think the rest of the world is a rape metropolis but I assure you, Women around the world are free to take the bus and trains on their own.
The only place I know of in the world that does not allow women to drive alone is Saudi Arabia.

Freedom is not having to avoid certain subway stations after night falls
Considering the SMRT Services stop at around 11pm, there are certain unsavoury parts of Singapore I’d rather not get stuck at after dark.

Freedom is knowing our children can go to school without fear of drugs, or being mowed down by some insane person with a gun
Because in Singapore, parents fear their child getting sent to the Technical Stream where the next 4 years of Secondary School is just filler until they can go to ITE, to not get a Diploma but a NITEC certificate and where Students are so afraid to fail and disappoint their parents, they would rather take their own lives.

Freedom is knowing that we are not bound by our class, our race, our religion, and we can excel for the individuals that we are – the freedom to accomplish
Which is why elitism is rampant in Singapore and individuals who do not fit into society’s mold of a perfect Singaporean like Amos Yee, gets silenced or why I, a malay by identity card  individual, get labeled as a muslim by my peers and when I say I’m not, I have to go through a lengthy explanation on how religion is not bound by race.

Freedom is living in one of the least corrupt societies in the world, knowing that our ability to get things done is not going to be limited by our ability to pay someone.
Is that why our ministers pay themselves millions of dollars a year?
No, I’m not implying they’re corrupted, I’m saying maybe there should be a limit to our ability to pay people to run the country as you implied limitation is not an issue.

Freedom is fresh air and clean streets, because nothing is more inimical to our liberty of movement than being trapped at home because of suffocating smog
Which modern 1st world countries have an issue with dirty streets?
You think Singapore is clean and green, have you tried being to one of the lower income neighbourhoods?
Oh we don’t have smog that’s true but Sir, are you forgetting the issue we have with the Haze?

Sir, nothing you have expressed here pertains to Freedom, all of these issues you brought up are about security and environmental awareness which are not uniquely Singaporean.
We are a country where Human Rights are seen as luxury.

Freedom of Expression – Male Homosexuality is still criminalized
Freedom of Religion – Jehovahs Witness (a recognized religion) is criminalized
Freedom from Religion – Criticizing religion results in Blasphemy Laws.
Freedom of Speech – Don’t say something that might offend or you will be silenced
Just to name a few.

Singaporeans are afraid of these Freedoms because they fear they might be abused.
What they failed to realize is, you cannot abuse human rights, that is the innate nature of human rights, the very right to be human and we don’t need to ask for permission to be human, we are humans.

The security that is achieved in Singapore is not secured by respect and understanding, it is achieved through ignorance and fear.


Those who sacrifice Liberty for Security deserve neither” – Benjamin Franklin.

Sniffing out Propaganda 

The original article
Singaporean Children, Thoughts of Suicide
Saudi Arabia where women cannot drive
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