Religious Sensitivity aka Blasphemy Laws for Non Believers

I’ve heard it said so many times, that you shouldn’t criticize religion. So… why shouldn’t we? To protect the feelings of the religious? To shelter them from dissenting opinions about their beliefs? Okay but what about when the religious try to tell the non religious that they’re misguided and lost without religion. Are the non religious supposed to just agree and not explain to the religious why they’ve come to the conclusion of non religion?

Well if that’s the case, I should allow Islamic Radicals to straight up murder me, because according to the hadiths, Apostates like me should be killed.

Religions do not exist in a vacuum, they’re in the open and many religions even try to impose their teachings, insidiously, through Governments like sensitivity laws which are basically blasphemy laws since you can’t be blasphemous unless you’re religious.

I’ve done my fair share of dismantling religious beliefs when my Atheism is questioned, it’s my right as a human being to have freedom from religion as much as it is for the religious to have freedom of religion and that is why I’m a secularist.

Religion should not have a say in Government and Governments should not have a say in Religion. We have to respect other people’s choices with how they choose to lead their lives but that doesn’t mean we cannot discuss issues that seem foreign to us, it is through discussion and dialogue (or even an informal internet rant) that we become enlightened.

Even if someone is being rowdy and purposely rocking the boat and shaking you out of your comfort levels. Listen to them and question them before you dismiss them as a heretic.


“It’s now very common to hear people say, “I’m rather offended by that.” As if that gives them certain rights. It’s actually nothing more than a whine. “I find it offensive”. It has no meaning, no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. “I’m offended by that”. Well, so fucking what?” – Stephen Fry


Islam on Apostasy
Bukhari Book 52 Number 260
Bukhari Book 89 Number 271

Disclaimer: I’m not saying all muslims take the Quran literally and are therefore extremists. I’m pointing out parts of the religion which I have every right to not agree with and criticize.


2 thoughts on “Religious Sensitivity aka Blasphemy Laws for Non Believers

  1. “Religion should not have a say in Government and Governments should not have a say in Religion.”

    Somehow that brings to mind the quote drawing parallels between the pope and the CEC of the PAP:

    The election of the CEC through the PAP cadre system has been described as a “closed system” in which “the cardinals appoint the pope and the pope appoints the cardinals.”



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