The Singaporean is free from thought

The recent events that transpired to the arrest of a teenager, Amos Yee, exercising his freedom of speech in his video where he expressed disdain towards the late LKY has really disheartened my faith in Singaporeans.

No, I’m not upset about his video wherein he criticized the late LKY. No person, ideology or Religion is immune from criticism. It was the vitriol of the messages left by Singaporeans on his youtube comments and in his twitter feeds, one Member of Parliament even threatened to maim his penis and put it in his mouth, hardly fitting for a grown man of such position in society, don’t you think?

Ironic isn’t it? Where they leave the death threats, the threats to violence and homophobic remarks, he is the one arrested for simply criticizing 2 dead men.

Alas I cannot hold it against these Singaporeans who cited calls to violence. The freedom of speech and expression is an alien concept to them. They do not understand that speaking an idea does not entitle you to call onto violence onto another human being.

Singaporeans are trained from a young age to go with the flow, questions and curiosity are not entertained.
Creativity is stifled, emphasis is placed on materialism and survivalism rather than living and pursuit of happiness.

What I mean is, take America for example, on the topic of evolution, a scientific fact, 1 in 3 Americans have the opinion to deny it, a Singaporean, wouldn’t even have an opinion, in Singapore, the government would make up the opinion for you, like the public opinion of capital punishment.

Singaporeans have a lot of growing up to do now that their founding father has passed away, my condolences to all of you mourning the loss but I hope you will mature and start thinking independently for yourself.


“Figuring things out for yourself is the only freedom anyone really has. Use that freedom. Make up your own mind” – Lt Jean Razak

Release Amos Yee

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Singaporeans on mandatory death penalty for drug trafficking Law students on the death penalty To be fair, there are quite a few who oppose the death penalty.
However according to wiki, 95% support the death penalty and think it should stay.


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