Freedom of Speech is Freedom to be Human

What does freedom of speech means to me?

It simply means I’m allowed to be human.
I’m allowed to communicate with other humans.
I’m allowed to share ideas, even if they’re unpopular.
Most importantly, I’m allowed to be challenged.

What it doesn’t mean is, I get to cite calls of violence to another person, silence them or physically harm them.

When we express our freedom to speech, we make an unspoken contract with one another.
These are just ideas, they’re my ideas, you can agree or disagree with them and you are entitled to put forward your ideas and then we can have a discussion about it and at no time are we to get physical.

Freedom of speech does not need to take your emotions into account, you are free to feel outrage at someone’s idea.
That is called freedom of expression. What you can now do with this new found passion is either listen to the speaker and analyze what they’re saying then come to your own conclusion if they aren’t credible, present your argument, if they are then you can concede and recant your misinformation or not but do note when you to spread your bad ideas, others are free to challenge you.

This is what we call the “Free Market of Ideas”.
Good ideas thrive and gets spread, bad ideas die and are forgotten.
When all you have is people who agree with you, that is what is called an Echo Chamber.

When Governments are composed of a single party in parliament that is not a Democracy it is an Echo Chamber.
Having an elite few deciding what is best for the majority… might work, if those elite few are benevolent and put others before themselves but how long will this last, as long as it works in your lifetime you should be happy with it right?

That is highly selfish though, think of the future generations after you.
We share ideas to progress humanity, as humans, the progression of humanity is our duty.
Just as it is the duty of the government to defend our rights and protect them from those who wish to restrict or revoke them from us.

Freedom of Speech is an inalienable right to all humans, for without speech, expressions or a means of communication with one another what are we?


“‘When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say” – Tyrion Lannister

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